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Last Thursday and Friday marked another significant milestone for the LOVC portfolio, platform, and community as we gathered for the 2023 LOVC CEO Summit on the Fort Lauderdale beach. 

The LOVC 2023 CEO Summit is an exclusive, invitation-only event that brings together the Founders and CEOs of our portfolio companies. We were excited to host a celebration of the spirit of entrepreneurship, LOVC portfolio company growth, speaker sessions, and collaboration.

2023 LOVC CEO Summit, Fort Lauderdale Beach
Hotel Maren, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

We began the CEO Summit programming with an opening dinner at Bo's Beach Bar & Grill on Fort Lauderdale Beach. We welcomed our CEOs, sponsors, and speakers and enjoyed dinner and drinks together. The following Friday, December 8th, we converged at Hotel Maren on Fort Lauderdale Beach for a full day of workshops, speaker sessions, roundtables, and more. 

Bo's Beach Bar & Grill, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Upstairs Private Lounge

Bo's Beach Bar & Grill, Fort Lauderdale, FL

2023 LOVC CEO Summit: From left to right - Basel Fakhoury, Founder & CEO - Userinterviews John Meyer, Founder & CEO - Mosaic Scott Williamson, CEO - Leasecake

Meaningful Connections and Shared Ideas

We were thrilled to see the LOVC Founders and CEOs unite, sharing an inspiring and insightful platform through delicious meals, networking, focused speaker sessions, and roundtable sessions; the conversations were filled with camaraderie and mutual support. 

Engaging Speaker Sessions

Our speakers this year included: 

Soumitra Sengupta, Partner, Elevate Capital, Former Partner, Director of Engineering at Microsoft
Chip Mahan, CEO & Founder, Live Oak Bank
Sean Minnihan, Head of Financial Technology, Managing Director, Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.

The Summit featured thought-provoking speaking sessions. Each featured speaker shared their insights, sparking dynamic discussions that enriched us with new perspectives. Our speaker lineup this year included leaders from various industries. Soumitra discussed his background and experiences with Microsoft, PowerBI, Azure, Engineering Lead at UIPath, and more, and articulated AI application and integration. Sean discussed fundraising, financial metrics, market analysis, and venture and early-to-late-stage financing to personal leadership and career stories. Chip Mahan, Founder, and CEO of Live Oak Banking Company, provided an engaging and thoughtful narrative and session on his life, journey, and career, leaving everyone with critical pieces of wisdom and bringing a unique energy to the Summit. 

Chip Mahan, Founder & CEO, Live Oak Banking Company & Mark Volchek, Founding Partner, LOVC

Continued Improvement and Learning

Each interaction, each shared story, and every new idea presented at the Summit underscored our commitment to continuous learning and improvement. We look forward to making our next Summit more enriching, organized, and enjoyable. 

2023 LOVC CEO Summit - LOVC Team, Founders/CEOs, Speakers, & Sponsors

Roundtable Discussions

The heart of the Summit was the roundtable discussions. These sessions allowed everyone to engage in meaningful conversations, share challenges, and brainstorm solutions collaboratively. We look forward to holding more LOVC platform and community engagement events, sessions, and workshops in the future and were elated by the engagement and invigoration in the room. 

Thank You, LOVC Community

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the 2023 LOVC CEO Summit. Your presence and contributions made this event a remarkable success. The LOVC Platform and Community is a hub where our team, portfolio founders and CEOs, entrepreneurs, and industry experts converge, creating an environment rich in perspectives, venture support, and networking opportunities. Our platform's future-oriented strategy is evident in its engaging event schedule, including events, engagement, and a value-driven bi-monthly newsletter, both aimed at nurturing knowledge exchange and community cohesion.

The long-term community growth and development focus underlines LOVC's commitment to building sustainable and value-driven venture and entrepreneurial ecosystems that support current and future generations. The CEO Summit gave our attendees valuable insights, lasting connections, and memories. 

Here's to an even more impactful, helpful, and improved summit next year! 

If you would like to be part of our growing platform and community, please subscribe below or let us know how you would like to get more involved at media@lasolasvc.com. 

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