Fund 2, Vertical Applications
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  • Date of First Investment:
    November 2020
  • Seed Round
  • Portfolio: Fund 2
  • Theme: Vertical Applications


Leasecake is lease management software that provides a single source of truth for all parties in a leasing transaction. Landlords, tenant operators, and brokers all use leasecake to manage their real estate leasing needs. The platform keeps track of expirations, renewals, and critical information across all locations. It is simple to use, mobile-first, and the only platform on the market today targeting multi-location tenant operators.

Why we love Leasecake

Managing leases of multiple locations can quickly become complicated for operator tenants. As a platform for leasing, Leasecake offers all parties quick access to all relevant lease and location info, including license, insurance, and permitting notices that are critical for multi-location tenants. Further, we were highly impressed with Taj’s experience and progress in building product and customer traction leading up to this fundraise.

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