A business-in-a-box platform that empowers small trucking companies and owner-operators to earn more while doing less.

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About SmartHop
SmartHop streamlines shipper-carrier matching through AI technology, replacing traditional brokerages and dispatchers by utilizing real-time and historical data to predict and suggest optimal routings for loads and trucks to become a leading asset-free, dispatcher-free, and eventually driver-free trucking company in the FTL/LTL shipping sector.

Investment Thesis
With a shortage of truckers and high demand, the trucking industry faces efficiency challenges due to suboptimal load matchmaking and manual planning processes, leading to waste and cost inefficiencies. SmartHop aims to tackle this issue by providing truckers with tools that simplify their job while aggregating data on preferences and availability to offer optimized recommendations, potentially building a valuable network that benefits both truckers and shippers by enhancing efficiency and reducing waste in the $200 billion FTL market.

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