An end-to-end student transportation software platform that provides advanced routing, telematics, and GPS technology to increase school bus safety, efficiency, and quality of service. 

About Busright
The school bus system is a critical yet often overlooked aspect of educational infrastructure. It represents a complex logistical challenge that involves the safety and timely transport of millions of students each day. Traditional methods for routing and tracking school buses need to be updated, often relying on manual processes that are not only efficient but also prone to errors. These inefficiencies can lead to increased operational costs, safety risks, and a poor quality of service, affecting both students and parents. BusRight aims to revolutionize this space with its end-to-end student transportation software platform. The platform incorporates advanced routing algorithms, real-time GPS tracking, and telematics to offer a comprehensive solution that addresses the following key areas: Safety, Efficiency, Quality of Service, Scalability and Flexibility, and Data-Driven Decision Making.

Investment Thesis
BusRight addresses a large, underserved market needing modern, efficient, and safe transportation solutions. Most school districts today rely on outdated technology to manage their school bus operations, and transportation directors are frustrated with the efficacy of these existing solutions. BusRight targets this underserved market with an innovative, scalable, and easy-to-use platform that streamlines the logistics of school buses.

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