Translates clinical evidence – guidelines, pathways, and more – into the workflow at the point of care, available in the EHR or as a standalone web or mobile application.

About AvoMD
AvoMD offers a no-code content management system that enables clinicians and hospitals to customize expert guidelines and swiftly deliver the tailored content to providers at the point of care, enhancing outcomes, reducing costs, saving time, and offering life sciences companies a platform to promote their therapeutics.

Investment Thesis
The ever-changing and complex landscape of medical information contributes to medical errors and wasted spending for doctors and clinical staff. Current solutions to address this issue (mostly static web pages and lengthy printed materials) could be better suited for real-time, point-of-care knowledge dissemination, exacerbating treatment efficacy, cost-effectiveness, and physician productivity issues. AvoMD addresses these issues by allowing their clients to quickly customize and disseminate society-based guidelines into actionable content right at the point of care, providing an immediate and scalable solution to a systemic problem in healthcare.

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