Our Approach

LOVC has experience founding, running and
growing B2B technology businesses successfully.

Operating Model

With over 70 years of combined experience operating and investing in startups across all stages, LOVC focuses on B2B technology investments, and implements a hands on approach.

B2B, Early Stage Companies

We focus exclusively on early-stage B2B companies because it’s what we know, and we believe there is unique opportunity within our given thesis of the Intelligent Enterprise. Our strategy is low-frequency and high conviction, investing $1-3M into <20 companies.

Hands-on Support with Founders

We lead rounds, take board seats, and work closely with founders. Our value-add comes from supporting founders through the key activities that lead to scaling product-market-fit.

High Convinction Approach

We invest behind teams with asymmetrical insight in a specific industry problem, take active roles in each of our investments, and every company receives full partner attention.

Our Values

Our values guide the decision making process to ensure each of our investments is successful


Discerning signal from noise, we spend time on what matters.


We have strong opinions, make bold moves and will admit when we’re wrong

Operating Experience

We’ve got lots of it and we want to share it


Subordinated ego is essential to knowledge transfer


Think of us as a 24/7 resource.


Stoic, patient and empathetic.


Start-up businesses are rollercoasters; it’s important to maintain excitement


Our deep experience helps us help you figure out where the world is heading


Operating, financial and strategic.


Working with us should be as enjoyable as it is productive


Guillermo Garcia – SmartHop

Hear from SmartHop Co-Founder Guillermo Garcia how LOVC has helped them on their journey!


David Koretz – Plum

Hear from Plum Founder David Koretz how LOVC has helped them on their journey!

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