How we see the future


Our investment themes reflect our view on the emerging technologies and business architectures that we think will have a fundamental impact on how the world runs. We’re currently very intrigued by entrepreneurs building companies within these themes:


Machine intelligence

  •  Artificial intelligence applied to solving a specific problem for a clearly defined market.
  • Smart machine ecosystems, which can increase productivity and scalability by orders of magnitude.
  • Connected devices and software that create new data sets, which enable ascending and unfair advantages.

Digital infrastructure

  •  Technology that democratizes access to CAPEX intensive infrastructure.
  •  Platforms connecting people, devices, data, and services, which enable faster innovation.
  • Applications that make the Internet more secure and protect people’s data.

The future of work

  • SaaS platforms that transform how companies create value for their customers.
  • Paradigm shifts to old industry problems that require a high degree of process and manual coordination.
  •  Technologies that empower organizations and individual workers to contribute transformational value to society.