We believe that regardless of background or location, when deteRmined smart people make it their mission to solve a hard problem and change the world, they often do.


We're founders who invest in tech startups




What we believe

Everything we do is based on the belief that greatness can come from anywhere.



We solve inefficiencies of venture capital in nascent startup ecosystems.


How we do it

We invest behind outstanding entrepreneurs and connect them to global networks.


WE'Re doers

Our backgrounds intersect several verticals and markets in which we’ve invested as well as built and sold tech companies.


Our track record as founders:

8 startups

4 exits (1 IPO)

$1Bn+ in enterprise value created


Our track record as investors:

20+ years investing in VC

50+ early stage tech investments

3 successful exits


We invest in transformation

We’re not dogmatic about any particular market or trend, but instead we invest in technological developments we can effect and may yield outstanding outcomes for our investors and founders. 



extraordinary teams

We back people who’ve spent years gaining asymmetrical insight in a particular industry and the superpowers for building products that create ascending user networks.

products with  traction

We focus almost all of our efforts looking for companies that have reached early product market fit, which we can help get to the next level.


We’re based in Miami with networks in New York, Boston and the San Francisco Bay area. While we’re not geographically bound we like to be close to founders to add the most value.


We invest in areas we understand and FOR WHICH WE have a FORMED strong opinion about the future



Enterprise SaaS

Tech-enabled services


Digital Healthcare